August 29

Today we talked about noise vs sound. This is not something I have thought of before and I honestly couldn’t think of a difference other than how the words are pronounced. When it was explained that noise is just sound out of place, I realized how many other pleasurable things are considered bothersome or trash if it is not in the correct context. We also talked about what technology is doing to us. I believe that technology is good and evil. When we talked about dynamic range compression, I realized that we are missing out on dynamic range in the music we listen to today. I took it upon myself to listen to some songs with dynamic range and found them easier to feel the emotions the artist is trying to convey in their art. It also makes sense when I took into account that we as humans find louder to be better. I think that the changes in volume from songs with dynamic range keep up captivated for longer as the song will sometimes become louder, which will recapture our attention. I also suppose this is why some people are so attracted to amateur musicians as amateur musicians cannot control their volume, thus giving them dynamic range whether why wanted it or not.

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